Simple & Easy Steps to Start Shopping at Asia5b

We is an online shopping platform which provide thousand of products for you to browse and buy ! Here is the simple step by step user guide to lead you on a quick start of your shopping spree in Asia5b now !

Shopping using Asia5B app tutorial watch here!


First Step : Register as Our Big Family Members

Fill in your details step by step at our register page such as username, mobile number, verification code, confirm your password and click on Registration to complete sign up!

user guide update version-02

Second Step: Start Shopping

Copy and paste the url link of the product that you want to buy at our search bar from any 3rd party mall. like. We support up to 7 China online shopping website which are T-mall, Taobao,, Yiwugou, 1688, Mogu Street and Pinduoduo for buy-for-me/ daigou service.


Add To Cart:

Browse through the product details & description. Choose your desire size, colour or model of the product. After that click on the ‘Add to cart‘ button and you are ready for check out!

user guide update version-04


Click on the the shopping cart icon beside the search bar to view your cart. If you are ready for check out, click on the ‘Submit’ button.

user guide update version-05

International shipping method & estimated delivery duration 


In the next step, fill in your your delivery details such as delivery method, address, receiver information and shipping method. Click on ‘submit order will do’ after confirmation. Your order will be under a ‘verification’  status.

Why? Because Asia5b support a One-Time Payment System which means you just need to pay once for buy-for-me/daigou service! Therefore every order have to go for a verification process for their total payment include china delivery fees (optional), international shipping fees, local delivery fees and processing fees first before making payment.

user guide update version-07

Step 3-Payment Process

After system notify your order have been verified, order status will updated to pending payment. Click on ‘Payment’ to view your total payment which included all additional payment that are calculated and added up. Click on ‘Confirmation and Payment’ to proceed next step.

user guide update version-08


Asia5b provide a prepaid kind of system which you need to top-up for your account and pay through your account balance. Therefore after clicking the ‘Confirmation and Payment Button’ you will see a ‘Top-up‘ button, just click it and you will be lead to the top-up page.

We provide 4 top-up gateway which are FPX, Credit Card, E-banking and ATM Transfer. Choose your desire top-up method and you can load any amount that you prefer to have your next order payment proceed in ease.


Credit Card 

The most popular way our customer choose is through Credit/Debit Card! You just need to fill in your card’s details and the amount you wish to top-up then click on the ‘Direct Top-up‘ Button will do.

user guide update version-10Wait for the particular bank to process, you will receive an OTP code through your SMS. Enter the code, click on ‘Submit‘ and you are done! Simple and easy.

user guide update version-11

Set-up Payment Password

After finish top-up your account, back to ‘My Order‘ page. Click on the ‘Pay‘ button and you will lead to a new page which is let you to set-up a payment password.

A best shopping experience is bond with a secure payment process. You will have to create your own payment password for the first time and be sure to remember it as you need to insert it before making any payment for your order to process the payment.

After set-up your payment password, back to ‘My Order’ page and click at the ‘Confirmation and Payment’ button. ‘Confirm’ once again about your delivery details.


Payment Done!

Insert your payment password and click on ‘Submit’ button and you are done! All you had to do is wait for your parcel to reach. Enjoy your shopping at Asia5B, an amazing e-shopping world!


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