Sweeter than fiction – Wedding gown, decoration & preps tips

mood board.png
As a girl we must have imagined about how our dream wedding is going to look like at least once in our life time. A wedding that is meaningful and memorable ins and outs that will be treasured in our softest part eternally.

Here are some helpful tips for the couples who have the ring on their finger now going to tie the knot to come up a better and well-planed wedding beforehand.

Wedding Theme

First thing first is to decide a theme before any further development of your plan. Come out a mood board of your desirable theme and continue develop deeper into wedding gown, decor and etc to have a better picture portrait in your mind.

For example here is a yellow with a little touch of green and pink floral theme mood board


Well wedding gown is the first priority which women invest most of their time and spirit in to make sure they have picked the right and best one. Every women wish to be gorgeous and fine on their most important day therefore a perfect fit wedding dress is to outshine the bride’s beauty in no doubts.


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Artboard 2

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Everything goes harmony with a certain theme concept and your wedding dress lead an important role to create nice ambiance of your wedding ceremony.  Therefore  study more about different style of wedding dress to find out which kind of concept suit your taste better. Be sure to pick your dress wisely that matched well with your theme and concept!


Wedding decorator is your fairy-god-mother to grant your dream wedding comes true. Collage all your decoration inspired photo into an inspiration board to let your decorator has a better preference about your concept. In addition, you can portrait a better picture of your wedding ceremony to prevent from any disparity beforehand.

details inspiration board.jpg
Example of inspiration board with the collage of decorations’ photo to overlook whole wedding ceremony outcome.

To hold a wedding ceremony is neither hard nor easy. But with a better preparation beforehand will lead you to an easier path throughout the whole execution. Marriage is the only lifetime event that involve only happiness so does your wedding ceremony.

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