First Date Make up Guide – WOW your crush in first sight!

Girls wouldn’t let their first date drawn to a disaster with imperfect winged eyeliner, bad choice of outfit or even a sleepyhead messy hair. Well the above nightmare could be avoid if the best outfit have been chosen or having your hair pampered at the salon the night before! Except your makeup skill decide to abandon you on a particular day and your ‘first date’ is the last you wish to come. Now here are some simple makeup guide to make sure your makeup won’t goes wrong!

First Look : Easygoing & Natural

Artboard 3

A soft and fluffy image is the perfect look to slay your day with your date lovely. Using the pink undertone eye shadow with a fine thin line of eyeliner to create a natural, soft and easygoing style. A matching roseate undertone lipstick keep your chapped lip away!

Second Look : Romantic & Elegance

Artboard 1

Red is the key to portrait a girl’s elegance and romance in a not so subtle way. Nicely blend out each shade of berry undertone’s eye shadow to define your gorgeous dark orbs as they are the charm point to mesmerize your boyfriend. A hot red shade is just perfect to decorate your elegant lip which get your date have the urge to taste for it!

Third Look : Chic & Laid Back

Artboard 2

Girls who are more into a carefree and laid back personality can settled themselves up with a monochrome tone eye look. Nothing fancy and wild just build up your eye makeup with only one desired colour eye shadow. Point to accomplish your look is a nude shade matte lipstick that emphasize your plump lip!

 Make Up Essentials for Beginner

Artboard 10

A makeup pouch will save you from your slowly smudging makeup through out the day! From the ‘newbie-friendly’ BB cushion to a easy but not so easy eyeliner pencil, it’s all the basic essentials for the start of your makeup journey.

Fully prep girls will be granted an intimate date. Be sure to pamper yourself well and bond with your crush in no time. Enjoy your date!




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