SHAPE YOUR BODY in this summer

IT’S SUMMERTIME! Are you ready to show off your body? Or you’re not confident with yourself? Everyone is ready for their nice outfit and body figure for this summer. Pretty sure some of you started to look for the diet plan or proper workout to get rid of stubborn body fats and flabby skin fast.

HOW? First, you have to always remember this. Nothing is impossible if you don’t give up. TRUST ME!



+ TIPS 1
The 70/30 rules
70% diet 30% exercise – Eating healthy is important than doing 100 sit-ups. Diet is not skipping your meal but eats right.

+ TIPS 2
How to stop food craving?
I know it’s hard to reject when someone treats you their snacks/food. But you always can say “NO, thanks” right? Drink water, make yourself occupied, listen to some songs(create a playlist) for yourself is the best way to stop food craving.










Of course, from grocery shopping > cooking > food storage are the most important role for your daily meal preps. So having the right tools on hand will save a lot of times. Here is the list you should get!!

slimtips_blog_060818-13          slimtips_blog_060818-14
slimtips_blog_060818-15             slimtips_blog_060818-16
slimtips_blog_060818-17            slimtips_blog_060818-18


For those who are new to the gym and don’t know what you should get, then you should really go for this gym essential!


slimtips_blog_060818-23               slimtips_blog_060818-24

slimtips_blog_060818-25                 slimtips_blog_060818-26
slimtips_blog_060818-27                 slimtips_blog_060818-28

If you’re a workaholic and no time for the gym. You MUST definitely go for ” HOME WORKOUT “. Again, “it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey”. Do it correctly with the equipment and slow, you will get the result, NO DOUBT!


Video credit to Spotebi

slimtips_blog_060818-30.jpg             slimtips_blog_060818-31

slimtips_blog_060818-32            slimtips_blog_060818-33

slimtips_blog_060818-34            slimtips_blog_060818-35.jpg

If you’re about to give up, always remind yourself what is the reason you work so hard for. REMEMBER! You’re your own best competition!
Nobody can help you, ONLY YOURSELF!

What are you still waiting for? Get your workout equipment now & start your healthy journey!
Happy Shopping Happy Workout!

slimtips_blog_060818-37   slimtips_blog_060818-38slimtips_blog_060818-39slimtips_blog_060818-40

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